Fox Body Mustang Reunited With Owner After Two Decades

Oct 23, 2022 2 min read
Fox Body Mustang Reunited With Owner After Two Decades

It wasn’t going to be the one that got away, again…

Car people are sort of funny in their propensity to get emotionally attached to things that most people would consider to be little more than inanimate objects. While everybody else sees automobiles as simple machines, we find the special personality that comes with every rev or side-eyed glare from strangers passing by. However we hear so often about enthusiasts who sell their beloved vehicles for one reason or another and eventually regret it later on in life. That’s exactly the plot of this particular story in which a man sold his car more than 20 years ago. The only difference is most people don’t get a chance to buy theirs back.

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Lance Frey, the protagonist of the story, bought his beautiful 1988 Ford mustang Fox body in the late 90s. Obtaining the vehicle from a close roommate and friend, there was clearly an instant spark leading Frey down a path of customization and possible racing here and there. Eventually what seems to happen to many young car people happened to Lance. As he explains it, he didn’t have a lot of time and couldn’t find a good place to store the car until he could work on it more so he had to sell it in 2002. Since then, he had always thought back to his old muscle car and kicked himself for not holding onto it, the sad story we’ve all heard before.

However, recently Lance got the chance to reacquire his old tire spinning friend and you better believe he pounced on it like a panther. Still in really good condition, this white Fox Body Mustang is something to be revered with its pretty cool looking wheels and suitable performance for nearly any type of enthusiast. It almost seems like fate because he wasn’t actively looking for the car, rather he was just browsing Facebook Marketplace for a set of new tires for son’s truck. The vehicle caught his eye once again and the father/son duo went to check it out. Soon realizing that this was his old muscle car, the father was immediately overjoyed along with the happy son who likely got to witness a very emotional moment. Finally, after 20 years, this automotive enthusiast got his chance to reunite with the car that started it all and we’re happy for him.

Source: Fox9

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