Monterey Car Week Sees Surge in Law Enforcement Presence

Aug 15, 2023 1 min read
Monterey Car Week Sees Surge in Law Enforcement Presence

As Monterey Car Week shifts into high gear, central coast law enforcement agencies are bolstering their ranks.

Monterey police officer, Jake Pinkas, highlighted the collaborative efforts of the local law enforcement community. "We're teaming up with officers from Marina, Carmel, Seaside, and Salinas to effectively manage the traffic and potential hazards. Given the heightened vehicular activities and enthusiasm during the car week, there's an increased risk of accidents, particularly those involving pedestrians. This underscores the need for a more pronounced police presence," Pinkas commented.

Read about the events for Monterey Car Week here.

Monterey's police department has proactively increased its patrol officers in anticipation of the event's peak days. Officer Pinkas revealed, "As we navigate through the week and events intensify, we're progressively amplifying our on-ground presence. By Thursday, when we expect the largest gatherings, our patrols will be at their maximum."

Comparing the coverage to regular days, Pinkas said, "On any typical day of car week, our patrolling strength is tripled to handle the influx."

Law enforcement agencies are particularly vigilant about specific traffic offenses that tend to spike during such high-profile events. Officer Pinkas enumerated the challenges they often face during this week, "We're particularly alert about burnouts, instances of over-speeding, and any form of illegal street racing. It's crucial to remember that a momentary thrill, like over-revving an engine, can lead to unintended speeding, especially in areas densely populated with pedestrians."

This heightened level of surveillance and patrolling will remain in effect through the culmination of Monterey Car Week, wrapping up on Sunday. Both visitors and locals are encouraged to prioritize safety and adhere to traffic regulations, ensuring a memorable and incident-free celebration of automotive excellence.

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