Ford's continued efforts to help fight COVID-19 continues...

Starting out the year in an economic boom, Ford, like so many of us Americans and American companies, had big aspirations for 2020. Some of their planned product launches for the early part of the year included the new Ford Bronco and Bronco Sport but have unfortunately taken a back seat to the current health concerns brought on by the Coronavirus. Stepping up to the plate, as Americans do when faced with adversity, Ford has halted production of new vehicles and began using supplies initially intended for those vehicles for medical supplies instead.

Ford Motor Company is currently pumping out masks and face shields at a rate of 100,000 units per week and plans to increase production across multiple factories. Additionally, they are ready to add PAPR full head respirators and gowns to the assembly line as well. Once the design is approved by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, the F150 will contribute its ventilated seat blower for use in the Ford-made respirators. Likewise, the Bronco has a contribution as well. With a bit of collaboration from their supplier, Joysen Safety Systems, Ford will be producing gowns sharing the same material as Ford Bronco airbags.

When asked if the decision to use off-the-shelf parts to contribute in the fight against the virus would impact vehicle production when it eventually starts back up, Ford officials seemed confident of their ability to work with suppliers to meet demand with little further impact to vehicle production. Going to this point, it sends an extremely hopeful message that the Mustang Mach-E production is still on track and the EV has sold out for the year. While only time will tell the scale of the Coronavirus’ impact on Fords business, one thing is very clear at this point Fords efforts to support the community in this time of need has been nothing short of American.

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