Your 1996 Ford Bronco Might Need Testosterone Shots

Jul 23, 2021 2 min read
Your 1996 Ford Bronco Might Need Testosterone Shots

That bucking Bronco could be a little flaccid in old age…

Thanks to OJ Simpson, every time someone in mainstream culture says anything about a 90s Ford Bronco, everyone automatically thinks of that low-speed highway “chase” scene. It’s even worse when a white Bronco like the one featured in the following video is featured, even though these things were everywhere back in the day. That’s really too bad, because the 5th generation Broncos weren’t completely horrible, even though they’re not looked at with nearly the same kind of nostalgia as the first and even the second generations.

Check out what the new Bronco looks like with more retro flair here.

Being reasonably capable off-roaders and selling for reasonable prices (once the used car market calms down again, that is), 5th-gen Broncos can be a good option for someone wanting to build a trail machine on a tight budget. However, if you get one with higher mileage like the one in the video, which boasts 212,000 miles and counting, just what kind of power output has the engine retained?

image credit: YouTube

While horsepower might not be the most important thing on the trail, you’ll want it for driving on the highway to get to the trailhead. Once you’re in the dirt and mud, low-end torque is vital. So is grabbing a high-mileage 90s Ford Bronco a bad idea?

The 1996 Bronco put on a dyno for this video is completely stock, so it’s interesting to see what kind of numbers it’s posting after being used all these years, accumulating so many miles. We don’t want to spoil the big reveal, so check out the video to see the results.

By the way, while they sure help the short people hoist themselves into a rig, those hoop steps also make for a great way to get hung up on a trail obstacle like a rock or tree stump. If you are wanting to get into serious off-roading, you might want to look at drop-down step rails or maybe carry a folding stepstool with you.

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