Ford and Sydney Sweeney Launch Workwear Line Inspired By Vintage Mustang

Dec 1, 2023 2 min read
Ford and Sydney Sweeney Launch Workwear Line Inspired By Vintage Mustang

It's the second launch of the partnership.

Ford, in collaboration with acclaimed actress Sydney Sweeney and iconic apparel brand Dickies, has unveiled its second limited edition workwear collection. This launch follows the success of the initial Ford x Sydney Sweeney collection, which became a fashion sensation earlier this year, with popular items selling out within 36 hours.

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Inspired by Sweeney's passion for automotive restoration and her cherished 1965 Mustang, nicknamed “Britney” for its original “Brittany Blue” color, the collection beautifully marries style with practicality. The workwear line features denim coveralls, a racing jacket, a corduroy hat, a t-shirt, and a keychain, all crafted with the quality and durability that Dickies is known for.

Erica Martin, Ford marketing communications manager, highlights the spirit behind this collaboration: “For nearly 60 years, Mustang has symbolized freedom and self-expression. This collaboration with Sydney, celebrating her love for her 1965 Mustang, epitomizes what that looks like. It's about embracing a new hobby, restoring the car of your dreams, and creating a clothing line that empowers women to feel comfortable and bold enough to do the same.”

The collection is showcased through an online lookbook, modeled by female auto-restoration enthusiasts Adri Law, Gelica Peralta, Sandy Rancatore, Isabelle Rosa, and Lauren Fox. This lookbook, which will be accessible on, does more than display apparel; it offers step-by-step instructions for basic vehicle maintenance tasks like changing a car battery, checking tire pressure, brake fluid, and oil levels.

Sydney Sweeney shared her enthusiasm for the project: “I love working in the garage and was so excited to partner with Ford on a clothing line that’s comfortable both in and out of the shop. Using auto enthusiasts to model the clothing and create content that teaches basic vehicle maintenance is thrilling. It’s empowering to take my car into my own hands, and I hope this inspires others to explore vehicle maintenance.”

In conjunction with the workwear launch, Ford is offering an exclusive look at Sweeney's baby blue vintage Mustang. Fans will get a glimpse of Sweeney’s restoration plans and watch her demonstrate a tune-up right from her garage. This collaboration isn't just about fashion; it's a celebration of empowerment, automotive passion, and the timeless allure of the Mustang.

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