Divers Find Stolen Truck In Ohio River

Dec 3, 2023 1 min read
Divers Find Stolen Truck In Ohio River

The story isn’t entirely happy…

One of the big trends over the past few years has been amateur and professional dive teams with social media followings traveling around and locating cars submerged in bodies of water. Sometimes it’s just a matter of satisfying curiosity, other times cleaning up the waterway, and occasionally it helps settle a missing person case. But the discoveries don’t always end in storybook fashion.

Can you identify this classic car found underwater?

That’s certainly the case with the stolen truck members of Chaos Divers located at the bottom of the Ohio River in Marshall County, West Virginia. According to local news channel WTRF, the vehicle was originally discovered by fishermen while they were competing in a tournament earlier in the summer. It’s actually quite common for people with sonar fish finders to locate vehicles these days, thanks to the technology advancing to a point that what was once sufficiently hidden is now becoming almost easy to discover.

However, finding a submerged vehicle and recovering it can be two very different things. While the Chaos Divers were able to locate the truck in the murky waters of the Ohio River, they discovered the roof was gone. Had it been sheered off before the pickup sunk into the river or did it rust off after sitting in the watery grave for an untold time? Nobody seems to know and that mystery might never be solved.

Either way, a roof is quite the structural component for a truck or any vehicle, especially when everything’s been soaking in a river for years or decades. The divers concluded that trying to pull the truck out of the water wouldn’t be a good idea. We’ve seen vehicles absolutely crumble like graham cracker as they’re yanked out of rivers and lakes, making quite the mess. So this stolen truck will remain where it’s been for some time.

Ultimately, the divers found some other vehicles in the water, recovering one of them, making the excursion a success.

Image via Twitter

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