Off-Road Showdown: F-150 Raptor R and Bronco Raptor Unleash Havoc in California Desert

Nov 29, 2023 1 min read
Off-Road Showdown: F-150 Raptor R and Bronco Raptor Unleash Havoc in California Desert

Which will win?

In a showdown of off-road titans, the stage is set for an epic duel between the 700bhp F-150 Raptor R and the formidable Ford Bronco Raptor. The battleground? The vast expanse of Johnson Valley, California, where sand and dirt await to be conquered by these beasts on wheels.

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The Bronco Raptor, a wide-bodied behemoth propelled by a 412bhp twin-turbo V6, promises thrills in the sand and dirt like no other. On the other side of the spectrum, the F-150 Raptor R takes things up a notch with its commanding 700bhp 5.2-litre supercharged V8, ready to unleash its power on the off-road playground.

Behind the wheel of the Bronco Raptor is none other than Jack Rix, while Jethro Bovingdon takes command of the F-150 Raptor R. As they navigate the rugged terrain, the challenge intensifies when Jack throws down the gauntlet, urging Jethro to "show him the way of the jump." The stakes are high, and the off-road playground becomes a thrilling arena for these powerhouses to showcase their prowess.

In the second episode of this adrenaline-fueled saga, the spotlight shifts to the Bronco DR, a true off-the-shelf desert racer, available for a cool $295,000. This competition-ready marvel, powered by a Coyote 5.0-litre V8, stands as a testament to off-road racing capability. For those not ready to make the investment, the option to borrow one from Ford might be tempting. Picture Jethro, positioned in the heart of the Californian desert, ready to push the Bronco DR to its limits, demonstrating why this off-road racecar is worth every penny.

As the dust settles in Johnson Valley, the F-150 Raptor R and the Bronco Raptor leave an indelible mark on the off-road landscape, showcasing the raw power, precision, and thrill that define the world of off-road driving. It's not just a competition; it's a symphony of horsepower and adrenaline, echoing through the vast California desert.

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