Enterprise Rent-A-Car Employee Suspected Of Stealing Seven Expensive Cars

Oct 3, 2022 1 min read
Enterprise Rent-A-Car Employee Suspected Of Stealing Seven Expensive Cars

The alleged thief took the phrase ‘overachiever’ to another level.

As crime rates rise all over the US, we are beginning to see a massive uptick in the theft of automobiles. In the past this crime might’ve been isolated to mostly older vehicles that were easier to break into. However recently these criminals are becoming even more bold, stealing cars into the hundreds of thousands of dollars range. This increasing boldness is likely due to a lack of law enforcement combined with the recent economic state of our country, though it really is just speculation. Well the reason behind this recent string of crime may be elusive but examples of these cases certainly are not.

This time around the alleged automotive snatcher decided to go a far more complicated and arguably creative route than the typical smash and grab. In fact this is a case that almost nobody expected because it just seems too bold for anyone to truly believe they could pull it off. Working for the rental car service that he is alleged to have stolen from, the defendant, Sullivan, is accused of obtaining seven different vehicles through his illegal actions. Starting off with a 2021 Chevy Camaro, Sullivan quickly advanced to a 2022 Chevy Suburban, Audi Q5, and a Dodge Challenger. Also on that list include two more Challengers and another Chevrolet Suburban making this a very lengthy accusation.

Altogether, these vehicles likely add up to a value of around $293,000 which is a ridiculous figure, even for a seasoned car thief. All of this happened at Enterprise Rent-A-Car which begs the question of how such a large company missed that many vehicles before they noticed. Either way, Sullivan is merely the alleged thief at the moment despite being the prime suspect of the complex situation. As the case unfolds, the story will continue to get crazier but one thing is for certain, Enterprise Rent-A-Car will likely be upgrading their security in the near future.

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