Former Race Car Driver Built Homegrown Nascar Museum

Sep 23, 2021 2 min read
Former Race Car Driver Built Homegrown Nascar Museum

Joey Dumond’s garage is dedicated to his love of the sport.

Once a race car driver himself, Joey Dumond is a Nascar super fan. He has been amassing mementos and keepsakes to remind him of the good times he’s had at the track. Since he’s been collecting since the 1970s, he’s acquired a collection worthy of dubbing it a homemade Nascar museum.

“Once you race a few years you get it in your blood,” Dumond said.

Dumond bought his first car for only $400 in 1975, and raced his way into being the rookie of the year during his first season. His time on the track didn’t last long, only about three years until he got married and started a family. Joey’s brother, Ken Dumond, would actually go on to carry on the family legacy and win several championships behind the wheel.

There’s a shelf in Joey’s garage dedicated to Ken’s career. The shelf is overloaded and he says he still has lots more.

“I still remember Joey telling me you’re not going to be able to do this, I’ll have to drive for you,” Ken Dumond said. “And I won my first heat race.”

Joey’s son, Rob, was also in the sport, working as a registered nurse for Nascar for several years. Pictures of this time are featured in Joey’s collection.

“I love it,” Joey Dumond said. “It’s a sport [where] you have to go to a real NASCAR race to see what it’s about.”

In addition to the times his family was on the track, he has collectible cars still in their original packaging and vintage Dale Earnheart memorabilia.

Joey Dumond’s at home Nascar tribute collection hasn’t been appraised for value, because it’s about his love of the sport, not about monetary gain one day.

Source: Hannah Catlin / St. John Valley Times

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