Dodge Charger Theft Foiled By Flat Tire

Sep 13, 2021 2 min read
Dodge Charger Theft Foiled By Flat Tire

It’s good to see some justice served…

Dodge Chargers are hot cars not only with enthusiasts who have kids and want the extra doors on their muscle car, but also with thieves. That’s the sad truth, something we’ve covered many times before. What we love covering even more is when these Mopars are recovered undamaged, especially thanks to the stupidity of the alleged thief. That’s the story we bring to you today.

Learn where a new Dodge Charger was stolen only 8 hours after it was purchased here.

Recently, Eduardo Torres De Leon was driving a 2012 Dodge Charger on I-65 northbound through Kentucky at 2:46 am when he got a flat front tire. A call came into the Kentucky State Police dispatch for assistance to a motorist, however when the responding trooper ran the license plate, nothing came back.

Police run license plates all the time, so when criminals think they’re being smart swapping them off a stolen car all they’re really doing is sending up a red flag for law enforcement. Sensing something was obviously off, the trooper ran the VIN and got a hit for a stolen Dodge Charger out of Indianapolis.

That’s when the trooper asked De Leon for his driver’s license, and the man handed over one from Nevada. The thing is De Leon is reportedly from Indianapolis, just like the stolen car he had in his possession. Police determined the license wasn’t valid and that’s when De Leon told some story about how he was buying the Mopar from this cousin in Indiana, so he didn’t know it was stolen.

Shockingly, the trooper didn’t just take De Leon’s word for it. Instead, he slapped cuffs on him and hauled the guy to the Hardin County Detention Center. Believe it or not, even if you didn’t steal a car yourself, if you’re driving one that is stolen you can be charged with a crime. Choose your friends accordingly.

Now De Leon is facing a whole string of charges and his life is much more complicated.

Source: The News-Enterprise

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