Of Course The City Of Detroit Has A Classic Car Collection

Sep 7, 2022 2 min read
Of Course The City Of Detroit Has A Classic Car Collection

This is actually pretty cool…

Say what you want about Detroit, the city definitely has its fair share of problems. However, from a gearhead’s perspective we think it’s pretty cool it maintains a collection of classic cars. We actually wish more municipalities did this sort of thing, although how to finance such a venture could prove to be problematic. However, we’re just not surprised that Motor City has such a thing.

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During the Woodward Dream Cruise, the local ABC station, WXYZ-TV Detroit, took a tour of the municipal classic car collection. Each vehicle is kept in a storage bubble, which help keep everything from the metal to the rubber from corroding.

Each vehicle has a story behind it, like the 1973 Lincoln Continental which was Lee Iacocca’s personal car or the 1963 Ford Mustang II concept car, which was used to help preview to the public more or less what a production vehicle would look like. There are plenty of pre-WWII vehicles, like a beautiful 1938 Packard, as well as more modern rides like a 1984 Dodge Caravan.

It’s not like the city is hiding these cars away, never to be seen by the public. They rotate through the Detroit Historical Museum, allowing the public to gain an appreciation for the city’s past and contribution to America’s automotive landscape.

The reporter didn’t get specific about where this car collection is housed, saying only that its in a warehouse in the southwest part of the city. It should be obvious why that is, considering car theft is a tremendous problem in in Detroit. We would not put it past some car theft ring to coordinate either an elaborate or just a messy, brutal heist if the location were revealed.

Do you know of another city with its own classic car collection? If so, let us know, because we’re definitely curious.

Source and images: WXYZ-TV Detroit

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