Elegant Bugatti Type 57 Headlines RM's St. Moritz Auction

Sep 7, 2022 2 min read
Elegant Bugatti Type 57 Headlines RM's St. Moritz Auction

1936 Bugatti Type 57 S Atalante is one of only 17.

Bugatti has long been a major player in the German automotive performance game for their incredible dedication to speed and luxury. Through the decades, this brand has grown from a small-time manufacturer of sports cars to one of the biggest auto manufacturers today. Currently selling for  hundreds of  thousands, if not millions, of dollars, the modern examples rolling off the factory floors are pretty insane in their own right. However, some of us tend to  find our eyes wandering to the classic cars that made the German manufacturer so admired  in the first place.

This particular vehicle is a great example of that as the car combines all the best attributes of a red-blooded racer with the comfort of a road car. Of course, the best part is that it was made in 1936  which is insane to think about when you see how good of condition the vehicle is in. Under the hood, you'll find an engine that you might not expect in such an aged automobile. Utilizing 4.0-liters of displacement, this incredible straight-eight engine is a stark contrast to  the high displacement inline-sixes that were shaping the American sector. All of this is well and good but you might be wondering how much power the car actually makes.

In total the horsepower output of this engine comes out to a staggering 200 horsepower which is nearly double what some might expect from a sports car made in that time. With such a massive figure, you wouldn't be out of place asking how it's capable of such impressive performance. The answer to that is that it is supercharged making it sounds and drives like nothing else around at the time. With all of this in mind, this is one of the best automobiles to come from the early years of automotive production.

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