Custom Show Corvette Spends 57 Years In Hibernation

Feb 24, 2022 2 min read
Custom Show Corvette Spends 57 Years In Hibernation

This incredible Corvette was the most iconic show car for its time and now it's back to show off custom ‘60s style.

Show cars are top-rated in today's modern performance car culture because of a recent inability for automotive companies to make cars worth keeping stock. Of course, we're just kidding. The real reason is that it is easier than ever to obtain affordable custom car parts, which has created a bustling custom community in the United States. However, it should go without saying that this trend wasn't so popular in the earlier days of automotive enthusiasm as parts were both expensive and challenging to come by. That's precisely what makes this beautiful Corvette such a cool barn find, as it went against all odds to be built and won!

Initially, this thing rolled out of the factory as a 1957 Corvette with a three-speed manual transmission and a 283 ci V8 engine. These were great performance options as it was far smaller and lighter than any other vehicle in the American automobile industry. Of course, this made enthusiasts everywhere fall in love with the brand new American sports car that was dominating its European opposition. The former owner and builder Bill Shelley were crazy young kids who longed for the incredible driving experience of a Corvette. In his youth, he finally purchased a 'Vette of his own for $3000, or about $28,000 in today's money.

Despite having his dream ride at a very early age, it wasn't enough for the young car guy as he wanted something unlike anything else on the road. Everything from the body sculpting to the interior design was changed to a more flamboyant and colorful style, with white and purple being the main focus. The front end was beautifully crafted to resemble a downward-facing sports car similar to the second-generation Camaro. Of course, this car was made decades before the second-gen Camaro, making it even more enjoyable when you look at the design. Finally, we have a set of fishtail tail lights which was a really cool feature. This is the most excellent car to ever come out of the late 1950s and early 1960s, and we hope to see it restored some time soon.

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