Curren$y Shows Off Toy Car Collection In New Music Video

Oct 3, 2020 2 min read
Curren$y Shows Off Toy Car Collection In New Music Video

While he's a guy who likes full-sized cars, he has a cool miniature car collection too!

New Orleans based hip-hop artist, Curren$y, is a collector of many things, and has his own music collection with a strong fan base. While many celebrities have an impressive car collection, as does Curren$y, he has a collection that most don’t - a toy car collection that spans an entire room! When it comes to his miniature car collection he has quite a diverse display of his tastes. This collection has ‘something for everyone’ when it comes to the variety.

It’s on his Instagram page where you can see the setups of toy cars, a lot of which are arranged by color. The muscle cars jump out first as they tend to have the most powerful visual presence in any circumstance.

In the sea of Camaros, Dodges, and AMGs are plenty of Lambos, Porsches, Mercedes-Benz cars, BMWs, and other unique pieces in the mix. It would be extremely interesting to learn how many are in his collection, at this time, Motorious has reached out to learn more, and will update when we hear back.

His Instagram page also highlights his love for the automobile. There are many cars on there that appears to be his own, and several car meets being featured in the mix of photos.

A third-gen Camaro, Bel Air, and Impala make regular appearances. The artist seems to be drawn to muscle cars and lowriders as well - many with unique paint jobs and seem to be heavily modified.

Curren$y actually owns a car care shop, where he hosts his own cruise in nights, and has a project just launched called Gran Turismo. He’s a true car guy, and tends to lean towards towards Chevys, especially muscle cars and lowriders, but does appreciate an exotic or two. If you live in the New Orleans area, it might be worth catching up with one of his meets, albeit, don’t expect to see any of the miniature car collection at the shows.

You can see them in the music video below, NSFW: Drug usage, and language, also, by sharing the content, we are not agreeing with any messages in the video, we want to give our readers a way to view the cars in the video:

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