Cougar Restomod Muscle Car Turned Wagon

Aug 22, 2021 2 min read
Cougar Restomod Muscle Car Turned Wagon

What do you think of this rendering?

Digital renderings have recently become all the rage, this sudden fascination has given rise to some of the coolest and most interesting ideas in the car community. Because of this rise in popularity, artists have begun experimenting with different concepts such as restomods, concept cars, and various engine swaps that would be far too expensive for the creators to follow through on.

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This has given us a vast variety of classic cars as well, these range anywhere from Hellcat swapped Jeeps to restomod muscle cars turned wagons. With the age of digital technology on the rise, these renderings are also quite realistic. Everything from the paint, to the body lines, and even the way the car fits into the picture give attention to the creator’s skill. Today we’ll look at an amazing example of artistry and design work by wb.artist20.

The Ringbrothers car modification company has recently gained quite a lot of attention for its new Mercury Cougar restomod which they unveiled despite SEMA being canceled. The car had a Coyote engine under the hood producing a mind-blowing 460 horsepower. All of that power is driven through an intense 10-speed transmission, in short, this is a car with the style of a classic and the performance of a modern car. Of course, this has led to designers adding their spin on the car. This particular vehicle has been transformed from a sleek two-door coupe muscle car, into a practical powerful restomodded muscle wagon.

This is a cool design that brings to light the idea of a practical classic muscle car, something with the power of a big V8 and the robust styling of a muscle wagon. With the rise of digital creation and artistic representation, we have been given a myriad of interesting cars. We're glad that we get to add this to the list and hope to see the render carried out in the real world someday as well.

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