Guys Find Classic Cars Buried In The Woods

Nov 19, 2021 2 min read
Guys Find Classic Cars Buried In The Woods

Does this qualify as buried treasure?

When you think of the English countryside, you’re probably thinking of the famous gardens on expansive estates, maybe fields of heather, and so forth, not old cars buried in the woods. Well, to help our American readers understand that it’s not just on this continent where people leave their classic cars to rot in the wilderness, we’ve included a video from The Late Brake Show where they explore the phenomena on the other side of the pond.

Check out the bizarre story of a man finding a classic Ford buried in his yard here.

Instead of uncovering some old Pontiacs, or a field containing numerous Mopar muscle cars, these guys stumble across a Jaguar E-Type, Triumph Herald convertible, Riley RMB, and other classics peculiar to the island nation. Even though some of these vehicles have always been considered quite valuable, for whatever set of reasons the owner didn’t see fit to rescue them from the ravages of nature.

Sadly, for some of these cars it’s too late to really rescue. In one estate, cars which were parked in a garage or workshop were crushed when the roof caved in. Buried in the debris, the classics sustained damage and some are in so many rotting pieces the only thing one could do is try to salvage certain components to put on other vehicles.

Since this is in jolly ol’ England, many of these cars are covered in ivy vines and moss. You’ll also notice it’s either sprinkling in the video or it just rained, which is how the plants grow so quickly and everything stays so incredibly green. Those aren’t the kind of conditions which are kind to cars, but instead should accelerate the process of their rejoining the earth from whence they came. -

If you could, would you rescue any of these cars? Which ones would you pull out of the wilderness and give a second chance at life?

Check out the video for yourself.

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