Can Chip Foose Even Fix The Lowly Pontiac Aztek?

Aug 20, 2020 1 min read
Can Chip Foose Even Fix The Lowly Pontiac Aztek?

Spoiler alert: not really.

Vehicle design is always a subjective matter, but we can all agree that the Pontiac Aztek is one of the most oddly styled vehicles of all time. So much so that when we saw Chip Foose's latest design video looked to tackle this awkward-looking, minivan-based crossover, we just had to watch.

The custom car designer has already shown us how he'd improve cars like the AMC Pacer and C5 Corvette, but is there any redemption for the Aztek?

Video Credit: YouTube

As Foose points out, the initial drawings and concept vehicle for the Aztek were promising, but the transition to production – mainly through GM's accounting department – was not kind to vehicle. What started off as an idea for an active-lifestyle vehicle, morphed into a vehicle with long overhangs and way too much cladding, and the 2001-05 Aztek ended up being more of a punchline for vehicle design jokes... rescuing the Ford Edsel.

Looking to make the Aztek's design more appealing, Foose's main objective was to shorten the front overhang, reduce the amount of body cladding and increase the ride height. He also modified the body creases, the rear hatch glass and gave the rear end design a more dynamic shape.

In the end, comes off looking like a cartoonish version of an early BMW X5. An improvement, yes, but not by much. As always, the process through which Foose goes about altering the Aztek's design is interesting to watch, and it shows how just minor details can affect the overall look of a vehicle. In the beginning of his sketch process, Foose gave the Aztek a raked roof and low stance resulting in a street rod-like appearance, which would have been a cool spin for him to put on this design.

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