Watch Chip Foose Put Custom Touches On The Legendary Duesenberg

Jun 30, 2020 1 min read
Watch Chip Foose Put Custom Touches On The Legendary Duesenberg

Meet the Foosenberg!

The Duesenberg Model J was the most luxurious and elegant car of its era, and each one was a work of art thanks to a build process that included a custom, coach-built body. Not one to shy away from toying with the design of classic and vintage cars, Chip Foose took to paper to give an idea how he would customize one of these automotive icons.

As always, Foose's approach to drawing is the most interesting part of the video as we see his thought process come to life in the drawings. First he attempts to retain the Duesenberg's long proportions before putting four different designs on paper, and the one he ends up settling on is a low-slung convertible with gorgeous, flowing lines.

His main area of focus on this drawing was to soften the running boards to match the other rounded lines he created for the car in an attempt to give the Duesenberg a sense of design "rhythm." The lines of the convertible top, chrome trim and shades of paint all reflect the line created by the front fender which has been stretched back to seamlessly flow into the running boards, and the rear portion of the running board has a subtle upkick to match the trim just below the soft top.

Today, Duesenbergs can carry eight-figure price tags, so it's hard to say if Foose will really ever attempt such a custom build. That being said, this Foosenberg is arguably the best video so far from Hagerty's unique classic car design series.

What do you think of Chip Foose's Foosenberg? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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