Your Chevy Nova Questions Answered

Sep 26, 2021 3 min read
Your Chevy Nova Questions Answered

The Chevy Nova has been regarded as one of GM’s best small cars, these small-body big-power cars have been used in everything from drag racing to grand touring and have always been the choice vehicle for any classic car lover. Due to the sleek nimble styling complete with a muscle car fascia and ridiculous performance possibilities, we have all thought of how great it would be to have our own project Nova. However, you might have some questions as to what you might want to expect when purchasing your first tire burning Nova. luckily we have found some information that helps shed light on the subject.

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What is the best size rear tire I can put on it?

While the quarter panels may have changed a little from the 1968-1974 production year, the wheel wells remained largely the same. Therefore you can take this advice as long as you have a car that was made in those 6 years. The most common tire size for these cars is 275/60/15. While most say that 5.5 inches of backspacing are ideal, 5 inches seems to work just fine without a spacer, though if you're looking for maximum traction, 5.5 will probably be best.

Is my car equipped with the SS package?

For the 1972 production year, the VIN will feature a K as the 5th digit on SS cars only. This means that under the hood is the infamous L48 engine which only came with the SS package.

If I have a 1973-1974 Nova can I swap the front bumper with one from 1968?

While the hoods are different due to the more pointed shape of the 1973 model, the fenders are an exact match. The front bumper will bolt directly onto the car without issue, the same cannot be said for the rear but that is another story.

If I need a new subframe, what will fit my car?

All production subframes from 1968-1974 are interchangeable with very slight differences. It is also worth pointing out that all subframes from the 1967-1969 Camaro will also fit the 1968-1974 Chevy Nova.

What rear ends will fit?

The 1967-1969 Camaro shares a rear end, as is usually the case with GM cars, this also applies to any Nova made from 1968-1979. However, you’ll have to make sure that the leaf springs will also fit as how many springs you have may vary.

Which rear end is my car equipped with?

There are three available options, these are the 8.2 10-bolt, the 12-bolt, and the 8.5 10-bolt. To tell the difference between the 10-bolts you just need to look under it, on the 8.5 you’ll find a triangular bottom on either side and the 8.2 will be completely round. The 12-bolts are very easy to identify by just counting the number of bolts.

What size seats can I use for my car?

The bench seats on 1968-1974 Novas are completely interchangeable, however, bolt patterns may differ for bucket seats.

What will I need to do a big block swap to my Nova?

Of course, you’ll need your big block however there is much more to it than that. The job will also require big-block frame mounts, headers, and front accessories. You’ll also probably need a thicker radiator, be careful because this swap puts the engine closer to the passenger side of the car thereby shifting its weight.

Where do I get aftermarket parts?

You’ll need to do some research and measurement on your own, your best bet will be to ask fellow Nova owners on online forums and the like for their advice.

Where do I get parts for my 1973-1974 Nova?

Most of the performance and mechanical parts will fit from ‘68 to ‘74, however, the interiors are extremely different and most of the bodywork from the A-pillar back will not fit.

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