Yep, someone paid good money for this…

For those who don’t know, there are thousands of miles between Detroit and Maranello, including the Atlantic Ocean. That’s about the same distance between a 1985 Chevrolet Camaro and any Ferrari. But that didn’t stop someone from crafting the K1 Evoluzione Custom Widebody kit, which you see proudly displayed on the 80s pony car. Auctioned recently on eBay, this thing actually grabbed a cool $10,000 if you can believe that.

Check out a Pontiac Fiero customized to look like a Ferrari Enzo here.

You might be trying to decide which Ferrari this Chevy has been customized to look at, and the answer is all of them. Well, not all the cars to have been dreamed up in Maranello, but enough of them probably to avoid a lawsuit. It’s also enough of a mongrel that it looks just plain comical, although we’ve honestly seen far worse.

As the listing says, this car is a “real attention getter.” We guarantee people will stare wherever this thing goes. They might also point and laugh, throw up, or just shake their head in disgust. This build successfully alienates pretty much all of the Chevy fans and all of the Ferrari fans wherever you go, which is quite the accomplishment when you think about it. How many times do those two groups agree on something?

You’ll note the red Camaro has Ferrari shields on it. The person who sold it said they were going to remove those and install some 6th-gen Camaro emblems instead. That would really confuse the non-gearheads out there and would probably result in some genuinely funny interactions. Plus it might help avoid the enraged insults being yelled in Italian by Ferrari fans. Although once they realize this baby is packing a 5.7-liter V8 from a 3rd-gen Camaro they should calm down a lot, trust us.

If you want to see the listing for yourself because you think we made this up by ourselves, check it out here and learn that truth is often stranger than fiction.

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