Real Halo Warthog Flexes With 1,000-HP

Oct 14, 2021 2 min read
Real Halo Warthog Flexes With 1,000-HP

All my nerdy dreams are coming true…

Being a gearhead doesn’t mean you can’t have other interests, but it’s always great when your other hobbies intersect with cars. That’s where this custom-built Warthog inspired by the Halo video game series comes into play. Brought to us by Hoonigan, we’ve seen this build before, but this time around they’re running it in Times Square in New York City where it gets to compete with all the costumed superheroes and digital billboards.

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The purpose of this stunt is to help promote the movie Free Guy which stars Ryan Reynolds, a fellow gearhead. We can’t vouch for the movie at all but we can say that the fact this build makes its big screen debut in it does catch our attention. Again, that’s zero guarantee we’ll see the movie.

We’re sure the folks at Microsoft have been at least supportive of this Warthog build, if they haven’t lent some resources to see it come to fruition. After all, with the upcoming release of Halo Infinite they need every gimmick possible to get people excited and memories of Halo 5 sure aren’t helping with that. This thing actually stars in a live action commercial for the new game.

There have been other real-world Warthogs but this one really rips with 1,000-horsepower on tap. Of course, in the original Halo: Combat Evolved the Warthog was some futuristic fuel cell vehicle, but this truck is something very different: a twin-turbo V8. We actually like that much, much more.

There’s still work to be done on this Warthog. Most notably it’s missing the gun turret, but we doubt they’d mount a functional firearm there. Some red jerrycans were just added, along with a few other modifications, but the vehicle you got to crash while going off crazy jumps as Master Chief lives in the flesh.

Check out the video to see the Warthog in action.

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