Car Thieves Are Using YouTube Video Tips

Jun 17, 2022 1 min read
Car Thieves Are Using YouTube Video Tips

YouTube is for more than just cool car videos, apparently…

Normally we don’t cover car thefts in India unless some guy steals over 50 luxury cars to make his 16 of girlfriends happy. After all, we have plenty of crazy car theft stories here in North America. However, a report we just ran across out of India highlights something interesting in the escalation of car theft globally. Police in Noida are blaming YouTube videos for educating a gang of thieves on how to steal cars.

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Just like what we’ve seen here, these thieves were hacking the ignitions on cars, reprogramming them to accept a new key the criminals brought with them. This can be done in a matter of minutes, but you have to know what you’re doing to pull it off.

These guys learned how to do just that by watching YouTube videos. We’re not sure what videos they found, because we’ve never seen any that coach you on how to hack a vehicle’s ignition. After all, YouTube gets all bent out of shape if someone cusses in a video or talks about any number of subjects the tech giant thinks shouldn’t be mentioned at all.

It really shouldn’t be a shock that car thieves are using YouTube to learn how to boost cars. After all, enthusiasts have been using YouTube to figure out how to make repairs and upgrades to their vehicles for years. The internet is a tool just like any other; you can use a hammer to drive a nail into a board or to break a window to burglarize a business. Either decision isn’t the fault of the tool but instead it’s the result of the decision made by the person swinging it.

Still, if YouTube is so into censorship, why wouldn’t it take down videos teaching people how to engage in criminal activity? That’s the real question here and we don’t have the answer.

Source: The Indian Express

Image: Pexels

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