Billionaire Cited For Speeding In C8 Corvette On His Own Island

Feb 6, 2023 1 min read
Billionaire Cited For Speeding In C8 Corvette On His Own Island

Even if you own the place you can still pick up a ticket…

The 6th-richest man in the world, Larry Ellison, was pulled over while driving his C8 Corvette on his private island in Hawaii recently. Everything in that previous sentence might be a lot to digest, especially the fact that someone who could buy pretty much any car he wants would be tooling around in a Corvette. For those who are fans of the C8 it’s not really a surprise.

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What’s also amazing about this is the fact the man can be pulled over on an island he owns. Well, he owns “most of” the island called Lanai – about 98 percent of it – and there are public roads on the island. If he owned the entire island and the roads, police couldn’t patrol and pull anyone over.

The officer reported that Ellison was speeding and that the orange Corvette the billionaire was driving rolled through a stop sign instead of coming to a complete halt. What’s more, Ellison didn’t have his driver’s license on him at the time of the traffic stop.

The traffic stop was performed by the officer last October. However, a local news station didn’t get the bodycam footage of the stop until recently. In the video, you can hear the officer and Ellison were respectful or even downright friendly. After all, when you’re a billionaire, a traffic citation is cheap. And when you’re speaking with someone who basically owns the place, you’re going to tread lightly.

Some are saying this is an example of how nobody is above the law, even the very wealthy. That might be the case, but we’re definitely impressed someone with so much wealth chooses to drive a C8 Corvette.

Source: Hawaii News Now

Image via YouTube

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