Car Thieves Crash BMW, Owner Almost Gets Arrested

Sep 4, 2022 1 min read
Car Thieves Crash BMW, Owner Almost Gets Arrested

It’s almost like criminals don’t care about anyone else…

The car theft crime wave is affecting more than just North America, but if you live on this continent you probably don’t hear as much about the problem elsewhere. One especially egregious example comes via Wiltshire in southwest England. A thief recently stole a 20-year-old BMW from the owner’s driveway, lost control of the car, and hit 7 other vehicles. As you can see from the photo, the result wasn’t pretty.

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Since the incident took place in the dead of the night, at about 4 am to be more precise, the owner was asleep in his bed and heard nothing. He was awakened by knocking on the front door, only to find the police wanting answers about why he crashed his car. The man was subjected to a breathalyzer on the spot, probably because he was groggy and confused. Imagine if he had been drinking in his own home, he might have been hauled away right then and there.

Somehow, the local news article doesn’t get specific, it became clear to police the man had been asleep in bed and didn’t go out on a bender, crashed his car, then climbed in bed. Thankfully they figured that out, but since there was no damage to the BMW like you’d expect to find on a car which had been hotwired, they figured the owner was the one who crashed it.

There’s good reason for that important detail. The owner thinks the thieves snuck into his house through a backdoor he left unlocked. Finding the keys, they just helped themselves to the Bimmer, no hotwiring required.

Some witnesses to the accident say there were 4 people in the car, 2 males and 2 females, and they believe all of them were teenagers. Apparently, they were just hitting fences and other cars as if they didn’t care about the damage they were doing. Imagine that.

Source and photos: This Is Wiltshire

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