Canadian Police Find 1970s Classic Cars Submerged In Lake

Apr 20, 2022 2 min read
Canadian Police Find 1970s Classic Cars Submerged In Lake

All ran when parked, no lowballers…

If you live in the area of Mohawk Lake, or more accurately did back in the 1970s, Brantford Police might have just found your car. With the help of Ontario Provincial Police Dive Team, they recovered seven classic cars, all from the 1970s, which had been sunk into the murky depths. As you might imagine, police suspect the vehicles are all stolen.

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Fortunately, police have provided a complete list of the cars found submerged in the water. The first is a red 1975-1977 AMC Pacer. Then there’s a brown 1972-1975 Ford Cortina, blue 1970-1975 Chevrolet C10, green 1978 Plymouth Caravelle, white 1977 Chrysler Cordoba, white 1970-1975 Pontiac GTX, and blue 1970-1975 Buick Riviera.

So far, police have uncovered no additional evidence to suggest any of these rides were used in another crime. Of course, that could change as the investigation progresses. In the meantime, police are proceeding with this as a property crime investigation.

As you can see from the two photos provided by police, these vehicles aren’t still 1970s beautiful. Something about sitting underwater for years on end is really hard on cars, so these things are literally falling apart. In other words, if one of these are your old ride and you didn’t get an insurance payout, don’t expect to get anything other than some rotting metal and soggy seat cushions.

While the theory of these 1970s cars being stolen isn’t a bad one, there is another possible angle. Unfortunately, some people who are less than honest have decided rather than pay for a car they don’t like or can no longer reasonably afford, it’s best to dump it in a body of water and report it as stolen. Then they get a nice payout from the insurance company. It’s a victimless crime, or so they think. Meanwhile, everyone’s insurance premiums get pumped up by these “thefts” and the accompanying payouts.

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