Los Angeles Goes Full Wild West

Apr 20, 2022 2 min read
Los Angeles Goes Full Wild West

Featuring Challengers used as battering rams!

It should probably be common knowledge that California, particularly the former promised land of Los Angeles, is basically the wild west, only with more homelessness. Thieves of all shapes and sizes have taken to the streets to track down and brutally rob anyone with even an ounce of wealth on their person. This has led to a public outcry at law enforcement's complete inability to protect their citizens. Within the last 48 hours, five separate follow-home robberies have taken place in the city of angels, with one being particularly traumatizing. A woman was run over by a car by eager thieves looking to make a quick buck in this situation. So what was worth endangering the lives of countless bystanders, brutally injuring a woman, and contributing to the growing crime problem in the city?

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Two watches were stolen with an estimated value of around $600,000 from an unknown woman. After chasing the resident through the streets, one assailant decided it'd be a good idea to get behind the wheel of his Dodge Challenger and ram into the woman. In the video, two pedestrians try to help her, one by blocking her with their SUV until the Challenger sped up and scared them off. The second was a nearby walker in a pink hoodie who could be seen helping the woman up after she was struck. While neither pedestrian successfully stopped the woman from being hit, the burglars eventually ran away after she threw her watches to the ground.

This incident is not alone, as 165 of these robberies are reported to have taken place last year and a staggering 56 this year. If this trend continues, this year will surpass the previous violent crime rate as an estimated 17 gangs have formed with one goal in mind. That is, of course, to take money from everyone else no matter what they have to do. Not all victims were as lucky as the one mentioned above. 13 people have been shot over those 56 robberies this year, with two fatalities. It's clear that the police have lost control of the city, and citizens need to either flee or arm themselves in anticipation of record-high violent crime statistics in 2022.

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