Camaro Runs From Texas Cops

Sep 12, 2022 2 min read
Camaro Runs From Texas Cops

Guy robs video game store, runs like he’s driving in a video game…

Usually when someone commits a robbery before leading the police on a big chase, they’ve held up a bank or a jewelry store or something like that. However, this guy decided to hit a Game Stop before hopping in his Camaro and running from the law in Houston. That’s not where the weird and arguably incompetent nature of this criminal’s behavior ended.

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When a news crew in a helicopter first spotted the Chevy Camaro, the driver was pushing it hard through fairly thick traffic. He didn’t chose the best time of day to try making an escape on the highway, that’s for sure. Eventually, he gets completely bogged down in traffic after driving on the shoulder for a while.

The guy probably realized being outside a lane of travel was super obvious. And while white Camaros aren’t super common, they’re not a Lamborghini or Ferrari, so he could theoretically blend in with traffic. There was just one problem: helicopters. Not only was there a news crew in the air, the cops were in the sky as well. As we’ve seen time and again, it’s pretty hard to shake law enforcement once the eye in the sky has a fix on you. Plenty of them even have infrared cameras onboard so at night you still can’t get away.

What’s most unbelievable about this whole incident is how it ends. The guy gets off the highway, pulls up behind some cars and semi-trucks at a light, then a bunch of police cars arrive and he just sits in his Chevy for a while, then finally surrenders. We’re guessing he rightly figured out they knew where he was all along.

We know this happened back in 2018, but unfortunately Motorious wasn’t around then so we wanted to revisit this hilarious footage. Even if you watched it back then, it’s still entertaining enough to watch a few times, so check it out.

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