C8 Corvette Crashes Hard In California

Jun 15, 2022 2 min read
C8 Corvette Crashes Hard In California

Sometimes you just shouldn’t send it…

A guy out fishing on the Sacramento River in Lake California recently witnessed a C8 Corvette skid out of the control, crashing into some bushes on the side of the road. He was able to record the end of the incident and post it on Instagram, showing the results of someone who has more car than driving skill.

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With a tiny population, Lake California in Tehama County isn’t the first place you’d guess would host a crazy C8 Corvette crash. Yet the out-of-the-way rural nature of the place might have been why the driver selected just such a place to push the envelope with his new mid-engine American sports car. A track might have been a better choice, although we’re not entirely sure the results would’ve been much better.

Taken through the back window of a pickup truck, the video quality isn’t super great, so it’s hard to make out all the details. However, it looks like the driver was trying to drift his C8 Corvette through a turn on the road by the river. The front wheels are turned to the left, but the sports car just keeps going straight as the tires squeal loudly. Then the Chevy jumps the shallow curb and eats it in the shrubbery on the side of the road.

You can hear some sick smacking sound when the C8 leaves the roadway. While we don’t have any photos of the front end of the Corvette, it’s reasonable to guess it’s pretty trashed by the impact. And knowing what we do about insurance these days, there’s a possibility it’s been totaled, especially if the airbags deployed. But there’s always a chance it wasn’t totaled out, considering such decisions seem like they’re decided by casting some bones on the ground by the campfire.

What we can say for sure was this driver didn’t have the skills to be driving like this. And we’re pretty sure he regrets it. Hopefully he learns a very expensive lesson instead of repeating it again.

Photos and video via Tyler Wilcox

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