Camaro Driver Slams Into Kansas Korean War Memorial, Leaving Quite A Bit Of Damage

Jun 15, 2022 1 min read
Camaro Driver Slams Into Kansas Korean War Memorial, Leaving Quite A Bit Of Damage

The community is not happy with this driver!

Last week, Wichita, Kansas police that around 9:30 pm, a driver smashed into a Korean War Memorial, and they are less than amused. The Camaro left the road and severally damaged the structure, leaving it in dire need of repair. It’s now closed off, and officials are very frustrated over it.

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“It was really shocking. It’s an important memorial,” said Wichita Parks and Recreation Director Troy Houtman. “All of those memorials are important in that park, so we really take good care of that whole park and watch it very closely. It was a total surprise, but we know we’re going to get it fixed.”

Police say the driver lost control of the Chevy Camaro, leaving the road, and stroking the Korean War Memorial entrance. There were no serious injuries reported, but the structure and the white Chevy Camaro were not so lucky. We have a lot of unanswered questions about what led up to the accident, and if the driver was cited.

Wichita firefighters showed up at the structure with pieces of wood to temporarily patch the structure. The city is saying that rebuilding the damaged parts of the memorial will take months. “There’s just a lot of detail that goes into this. We’re going ot be reconstructing a great memorial,” Houtman said. “So it’s just kind of disappointing and frustrating and sad, but we know how important it is and we’ll get it fixed.”

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