Bullitt Mustang Collection Spans Three Generations

Nov 18, 2022 2 min read
Bullitt Mustang Collection Spans Three Generations

This couple is building a collection and it’s amazing.

Early models of the Mustang are some of the most eye-catching automobiles currently on the American car collector market. Designed to compete with European models and its time, the Ford Mustang was a completely new beast capable of combining high horsepower and a lightweight chassis. With this in mind it makes sense that the Mustang would be the centerpiece of many Sports car focused action movies, such as Bullitt. A lot of people with the means to buy one of those cars have even gone so far as to re-create their classic to look just like the one featured in that movie. That’s where this guy comes into the picture with his Bullitt Mustangs from three generations.

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First off, there is the stunning 1968 Ford Mustang which the owner rescued from a field sometime in the 80s. Emboldened with the same color as one of his favorite action movies, he decided to make a Bullitt tribute car. Years went by, he raised the family, settled down, and got his hands on some property. Eventually he got around to building the car and these days it is absolutely stunning. When all was done with that car it was clear that the owner built it for high-performance driving over any sort of showiness or glamor. That’s exactly what makes that car special but what about the other two vehicles in his trifecta collection?

Next up to the field is a beautiful new generation Mustang which is happily married couple bought when Ford released the revised Bullitt cars. Under the hood you can see the proud 5-liter V8, a standard option for GT‘s, and everything from the color to some emblems match up with what you might expect a Bullitt tribute to have. Finally, there is the 2001 Ford Mustang which features a very rare true blue paint job, something you really could only get in 2001. Funny enough all of these cars were bought in the order presented here and the couple seems like they aren’t done yet as they continue on their search for every generation of Bullitt car. Next up on their list is going to be a 2008 model but that won’t be for a little while since they just recently bought the 2001. Hopefully they’ll have good luck in the maintenance and acquisition of their entire collection and we’ll get to see more of their cars very soon.

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