C8 Corvette Rockets Off Dyno And Crashes Into Wall

Jan 19, 2023 1 min read
C8 Corvette Rockets Off Dyno And Crashes Into Wall

Made you look.

Graphic designers have started getting just a little bit too good in recent years. Maybe it’s the fact that pretty much everyone had a lot of free time with the global shut down a few years ago and all. But whatever the case, these skilled artists have created some incredibly realistic photos and videos. One such motion picture featured a C8 Corvette running test on the dyno, what happens next you might not expect.

In the beginning, you hear the soft rumble of an idling V8 engine which quickly progresses to higher and higher rpm ranges. It’s pretty standard for a car to work through the tachometer without issue but soon things start looking a little odd in the video. All at once, the car seems to hook onto the dyno, straps breaking around it as if they were never there in the first place. Finally grabbing on to traction for dear life, the car ironically blasts off into a wall after seemingly jumping a few feet in the air.

At first, it’s almost identical to a real video which is pretty crazy to say the least. Maybe to some with a sharper eye, the video is less realistic but it seemed pretty real to us. All throughout the comment section, people are pretty impressed and cheer the graphic artist on for their great display. This all even boils down to the attention to detail which led the whole video to be drawn out from the perspective of a person holding a camera. When all of this craziness goes down, whoever is holding the camera seems to be physically taken aback and distraught. As the camera shakes under the cold realization of what just happened, we see a glimpse of the future of video games and animation. Pretty soon, you might not be able to tell the difference between a real video and an animated one.

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