C8 Corvette Goes 161 MPH On New Hampshire Highway

Aug 5, 2022 2 min read
C8 Corvette Goes 161 MPH On New Hampshire Highway

Don’t do this…

Owning a performance vehicle which can go really fast sure is exciting, but you need to keep the speed at least close to the legal limit. Not everyone got the memo because for whatever reason we keep seeing stories of guys going over double the posted speed limit on different highway stretches. This time it was a C8 Corvette hitting 161 mph in a 70 mph zone. It didn’t end well for the driver.

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According to the New Hampshire State Police, on July 31 at about 11:15 a trooper clocked the suspect, Alejandro Zapata-Rebello, going so fast on northbound I-93 in Ashland that a pursuit apparently wasn’t on the menu. After he called the vehicle in, a Be On The Lookout (BOLO) was announced to all local law enforcement.

That’s the thing, even if you do ditch the cops by going way faster than they can or are willing to go, that doesn’t necessarily mean you got away with breaking the law. Just a few minutes later, dispatch fielded several calls of sports cars on the interstate driving recklessly and speeding, nearly causing a few crashes.

Hearing all this, Woodstock Police Department decided to jump in and help. Positioning some units on the highway, they clocked the C8 Corvette going 130 mph. Then they tracked the sports car to Exit 32 where it was stuck in traffic, keeping the driver from fleeing again.

Unglamorously, the pursuit was over without any real chase. Sure, it sounds like the suspect put up a fight by going really fast, but police used their radios and network to track him down and strike when he probably thought he had gotten away with everything.

When all was said and done, New Hampshire State Police charged Zapata-Rebello with two charges of Reckless Driving, and one charge of Disobeying an Officer. Woodstock Police Department also charged him with Reckless Driving. Now the guy gets his day in court to explain his actions.

Photos via New Hampshire State Police

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