C8 Corvette Bodykit Mocks Ferrari

May 22, 2023 1 min read
C8 Corvette Bodykit Mocks Ferrari

How is anyone fooled by this?

An Instagram video has been making the rounds because it shows off a yellow C8 Corvette wearing a hideous bodykit that’s supposed to make it look like a Ferrari. We’ve heard of guys debadging their C8 and some even applying some sketchy Ferrari badges to convince people they in fact have a car from Maranello, but this is a whole different level of weirdness.

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In the video, we hear some young guy freaking out about the car. At first it’s not obvious if he gets what he’s looking at, which if true is just hilarious. When he walks around to the back of the yellow C8 Corvette and looks at the taillights, that seems to be the dead giveaway that it in fact isn’t a Ferrari.

But the C8 is wearing Ferrari badges, including the Ferrari name spelled out across the rear fascia. This reminds us of when the Chrysler 300 came back and people were swapping out the grille and putting a Bentley badge on it, with other even dumber people believing it was in fact a British luxury sedan.

Back in the day, some people were using bodykits to try to convince the automotive-naïve of society that they had some weird mini Ferrari. That was pretty adorable.

We’ve even seen people try the bodykit and badge swap thing with a Dodge Neon SRT4, trying to make it look like a Viper. That was bad and this is right up there with it. You’d have to know literally nothing about Ferraris to even begin to believe this. Having never seen a C8 Corvette, you should at least know off the bat this isn’t a Ferrari but instead some weird knockoff.

Check out the video to hear the guy’s reaction for yourself (warning: language).

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