1974 Pantera Has $175K Worth Of Body Work

Apr 30, 2024 1 min read
1974 Pantera Has $175K Worth Of Body Work

It seems like a crazy price, but you might see things different when you look at the car.

The Pantera, a beautiful mix between American and Italian design with a honking engine that made more than enough top power to spend the tires. It’s a car that many of us have dreamed of owning at some point in our lives. Even Elvis, the king of rock ‘n’ roll, dipped his toes into the waters of Italian automotive history by purchasing a Pantera of his own, which he promptly shot . This particular Pantera won’t be seeing much of any bullet holes in its dash anytime soon but it definitely will notice quite a few eyes on its tastefully crafted body lines.

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In fact, that’s exactly what the body was built to do, even from the original factory. Back when it was first made, it was a great looking automobile and sort of represented the pinnacle sports car achievements. However this car is far from what it was right out of the factory as it bus a beautiful GT four body kit, fit for a true track car. Nowadays you’d be really hard pressed to find anything that looks like it even in obscure elites supercar circles. So what exactly did it take to make it look as beautiful as it does today and what kind of cash originally made it such a high level vehicle?

In 1974, it was a pretty sharp looking car already but there were definitely a few spots to be improved on. That’s exactly why the owners took it to a well-known custom auto company who built the car to what it is today for a price of $175,000. It’s a steep price for sure though it seems quite fitting when you look at the vehicle's current condition and how much better it looks over stock. Altogether, it’s a beautiful car that deserves just as much respect as classic Lamborghinis are Ferraris with a mind blowing presence and seemingly ageless condition.

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