Man Buys 1974 Dodge Charger By Stealing From Employer

Feb 3, 2023 2 min read
Man Buys 1974 Dodge Charger By Stealing From Employer

This isn’t how you get that classic car you always wanted…

We understand the deep desire to own a classic American muscle car, but what one man allegedly did to buy a 1974 Dodge Charger isn’t something we recommend. According to a report from the Burlington County Times, 31-year-old Brian Myslinski of Levittown, Pennsylvania has been accused of selling goods owned by his employer to the tune of $867,000 in value.

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Per the report, Myslinski is accused of stealing equipment owned by Radwell International, selling it either directly to his private customers or on eBay. While the stolen items are valued at $867,000 prosecutors say the man only got about $360,000 for the stuff.

They allege that Myslinski not only bought the Mopar muscle car, he also dropped $120,000 to cover some sports gambling debts he accrued, plus he financed a Jamaican vacation and the purchase of some designer handbags of all things. We’re not sure how someone gets a classic Dodge Charger and designer handbags because that feels like a weird combination.

We’d like to point out that despite the illegal nature of what Myslinkski did, the man is bucking a stereotype slapped on Millennials by many gearheads. After all, he used the money he allegedly gained through ill means to buy a classic car, something we’re told almost no Millennial is interested in these days. Or is it now just Gen Z that’s characterized that way? Anyway, it’s a dumb stereotype but one that’s repeated often.

It's also worth noting that this Millennial allegedly couldn’t afford the $50,000 for the ’74 Dodge Charger without stealing from his employer. That proves the big hurdle for many youth to get involved in the hobby is in fact financial, a point that’s often lost on many of the older hobbyists.

Ultimately, if Myslinksi did in fact steal equipment from his employer to fund his lifestyle choices, even though he bought a classic American muscle car, he’s going to have to pay some stiff consequences. Maybe he’ll reach a plea deal with the prosecutor or maybe he’ll have his day in court, but either way it’s doubtful he’ll keep the car.

Source: Burlington County Times

Image via Facebook Marketplace

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