Bobby East Dead At 37

Jul 20, 2022 2 min read
Bobby East Dead At 37

Another lost to senseless criminal violence…

It was over the weekend when news broke that NASCAR driver Bobby East had been stabbed to death at a gas station in Westminster, California on July 13. Shock rippled through the automotive community to learn the three-time USAC National Champion perished so violently. The immediate question was who would do such a thing and why?

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According to the police department, East sustained “a serious stab wound to the chest area.” Officers performed first aid until paramedics arrived, who then rushed him to a trauma center. However, his injuries were severe enough that East died.

Immediately, police were on the hunt for the killer. It took until Friday July 15 for officers to find Trent William Millsap. The 27-year-old man reportedly had an outstanding warrant for his arrest and was out on parole for armed robbery. He was known to police as a transient who liked to frequent several motels in the area.

Before serving the arrest warrant to Millsap after they received a tip he was in an Anaheim apartment, police called in the West County SWAT Team “due to the level of violence he had been exhibiting.” Considering the history of violence known about this guy, police understandably feared he would try taking down a few of them.

As predicted, Millsap didn’t come quietly. At some point a police K-9 was released on the man and officers opened fire. Millsap was shot, although police declined to give details about how many times he was hit or where. The man was transported to a hospital where he died of his injuries, just like East. The police K-9 was also shot, but the wound was non-threatening.

So far, police say they don’t have a motive for the attack on Bobby East.

The official RFK Racing twitter account shared a message with its followers. “Our team is incredibly sad to learn today’s news about Bobby East. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and loved ones.”

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