Barn Find Plymouth Superbird Rescued

Jun 11, 2022 2 min read
Barn Find Plymouth Superbird Rescued

The little Bird is finally going to get the love it deserves…

You might absolutely love Plymouth Superbirds, the homologation specials which dominated NASCAR along with the Dodge Charger Daytonas for a hot minute. If that’s the case, you might be wondering what kind of monster would abuse one of these amazing machines, shoving it in a garage with a bunch of other stuff, leaving it partially disassembled and rotting for years on end. Well, that’s the story we bring to you today via Auto Archeology, because this ’70 Plymouth Superbird has been sitting since about 1986.

Even though today the Superbird and Daytona are considered muscle car titans, back when they first debuted some dealerships had trouble selling them. After all, the nose cone and super tall rear wing made them look weirdly comical, so a lot of guys didn’t want to attract that kind of attention when they could just buy a much more muscular-looking Charger or Road Runner.

Yep, not all cars which are highly collectable today were considered unbelievably desirable when they were first unveiled. Some cars age well over time, like a steak, so they actually become more collectable as time passes. That does make you think twice about getting rid of that 21st century ride nobody at the moment thinks will ever be worth much, doesn’t it?

Admittedly, some cars which weren’t super popular and even some which were might never be worth all that much. A prime example of such a vehicle is the PT Cruiser. Back when they were first unveiled people were so excited, there was a huge waiting list for them. Today it’s a rarity to see one which doesn’t look like a Hot Wheels your 5 year-old nephew has been playing with in the backyard for a year or two.

But back to the Superbird: seeing this car finally get rescued after it’s sat for so long is pretty interesting and heartwarming, unless of course you don’t like Superbirds. If that’s the case you probably shouldn’t waste your time watching the video, otherwise check it out instead of watching all the garbage on streaming services or live TV.

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