AmericanTrucks Inspires Ram Owners To Build Their Perfect Truck

Mar 10, 2021 2 min read
AmericanTrucks Inspires Ram Owners To Build Their Perfect Truck

This Ram truck will make you want to get to wrenching!

In the latest episode of AmericanTrucks’ “Customer Builds” YouTube series, AmericanTrucks host Adam Maqboul talks with Jesse Heflin about his 2014 Big Horn Dodge RAM and what inspired him to buy that truck and build it the way that he did.

With the goal of offering the truck community reliable aftermarket parts and customer service, AmericanTrucks is quickly becoming known as one of the best online retailers out there. They have a huge selection of high quality parts and accessories that fit the late model F150, F250, Ranger, Silverado, Sierra, and RAM and they also have a dedicated staff that are genuine truck experts. However their support for the community does not stop there. In an effort to inspire truck owners to build and personalize their trucks, AmericanTrucks also gives their customers a stage to show off what they’ve built on the “Customer Builds” YouTube series.

Jesse actually went to his local dealership looking for a Chevy Colorado when the salesman showed him this Blue 2014 Big Horn Dodge RAM. Being unimpressed initially, Jesse took the truck on a test drive and knew from that moment on that this was the truck for him. He was looking for a truck that offered a comfortable ride while still having a good amount of power and the Ram fit the bill perfectly. An added benefit to this particular truck is that it is extremely easy to personalize because of the amount of parts available for it.

A 2.5-inch leveling kit with 34-inch tires and a -12 offset wheel offered Jesse the look and the off-road utility that he was looking for without sacrificing any of the on-road ride quality that made him fall in love with that truck in the first place. For a little added performance, Jesse added a K&N Series cold air intake and a Pedal Commander throttle response controller. Jesse then moved on to appearance mods such as an LED light bar, fog lights, side steps, and some black vinyl graphics that really make the truck stand out. For more information on Jesse’s build check out the video here or visit

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