Rick Ross really does have a particular taste…

It’s hard to remember when the Rick Ross automotive collection consisted of just 100 classic and vintage automobiles. Those were simpler times, and practically defined by the artist's innate ability to subvert expectations. He told us all that there was more plans in the making, and apparently he is a man of his word. Nowadays, that number has nearly doubled And now Mr. Ross just can’t seem to resist showing the people what sort of cars they might expect at the next Rick Ross auto show.

It should basically come as no surprise that some pretty massive lifted show trucks are included in this collection. One particular Ford catches the eye with its red paint job and F250 body with the super duty package. This incredible pick up truck also boasts six doors and a very luxuriously large cabin area. Clearly, it also doesn’t sacrifice any bed space to make that happen but rather it just takes up all of the area that it means without much concern for what’s in its way. That is essentially the attitude that most lifted and flamboyant trucks give off, especially when driving on the road, and it is hilarious.

Rick Ross is a very extravagant individual, looking at his Instagram feed you can even see a cool table with a glass top and bottom half made from a Boeing 757 jet engine. So it would also make sense that he’d have a few cars from one of the most high class brands in the world, Ferrari. At the end of the video in which he showcases the red Ford F250 pick up truck, we also get a cool glimpse of a black and yellow Ferrari and a red Ferrari as well. All three of these vehicles are sure to be real attention grabbers at the next Rick Ross auto show and honestly we are super excited.

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