Florida Couple Finds Alligator While Mustang Shopping

Dec 20, 2023 2 min read
Florida Couple Finds Alligator While Mustang Shopping

Perhaps snow isn’t so bad after all!

There are many unfortunate realities to living anywhere, but dealing with alligators while car shopping in Florida just doesn’t sound pleasant at all. According to a Miami Herald report, a couple found one underneath a used Ford Mustang GT they were thinking of buying while at a car lot in DeFuniak Springs.

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We’ve been told by Floridians that people just assume gators are in any given body of water, but this is the first time we’ve heard of one taking up residence under a pony car. Marissa Daughterty posted on Facebook about the experience she had with her boyfriend on July 23, completely with photos.

Her boyfriend was checking for leaks under the Ford when he spotted the alligator. Fortunately, it wasn’t some big, mean thing or else it might not have fit (are those under F-150s instead?). According to the report, it measured about 3 feet long and was young.

Since the dealership was closed, the couple called police for help catching and relocating the little gator. Once it was coaxed out from under the Mustang officers held it down while using tape to keep its mouth shut. Then Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission helped with relocating the little guy to somewhere safer and more appropriate.

As for the Mustang, Daughtery said it had spiderwebs on the tires, so it looked to have not been driven in a while. We don’t see any leaks in the photos, but those mostly feature the alligator youth. And we don’t know if the couple bought the Mustang or plan on it later.

This is far from the first time we’ve seen a story of a critter taking up residence in or around a car that’s sat for a while. If in doubt, be careful and call authorities for help.

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