This 1969 ZL-1 Sweepstakes Ends This Weekend: Enter Now and Get 50% More Entries

Dec 21, 2023 2 min read
This 1969 ZL-1 Sweepstakes Ends This Weekend: Enter Now and Get 50% More Entries

Don't miss out!

Auto enthusiasts and collectors, this is your last chance to enter the sweepstakes to win a 1969 427 ZL-1 Tribute Corvette Coupe, a prized piece from The Lost Corvettes Peter Max VH-1 Collection. This weekend marks the end of an exciting opportunity to own a part of American muscle car history.

This particular Corvette, resplendent in Daytona Yellow, is not just a visual treat but a performance powerhouse. It comes equipped with a Summit Racing 454 cubic inch engine, finely tuned to deliver an impressive 550 horsepower. Paired with a 4-speed manual transmission, this car promises an exhilarating driving experience, reminiscent of the golden era of 1960s American muscle cars.

The 1969 Corvette on offer holds a special place in automotive history. It was part of the renowned Lost Corvettes Collection, a stunning assembly of 36 classic Corvettes. This collection gained national attention when it was featured in a History Channel special, showcasing the top cars in the collection, with this 1969 model being one of the highlighted vehicles.

The sweepstakes presents a unique opportunity for car lovers to own a significant model that blends classic design with formidable power. The winner of the sweepstakes can choose to take home this iconic car or opt for a cash prize.

This 1969 427 ZL-1 Tribute Corvette Coupe represents more than just a car; it's a symbol of automotive heritage and a testament to the enduring legacy of American muscle cars. As the sweepstakes draw to a close this weekend, it's the last opportunity for enthusiasts to throw their hat in the ring for a chance to win this remarkable vehicle.

Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime chance to add a legendary Corvette to your collection or embark on thrilling weekend drives in a car that turns heads and stirs souls.

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