What would you do with this classic?

You would expect a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro which has sat outside for years in Colorado would look horrible. After all, the weather in the Centennial State isn’t exactly known for being mild. But the amazing thing is the green paint on the muscle car looks fantastic. We’re not entirely sure it’s the stuff from the factory, because it looks a little too good for that.

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Whether that’s the factory paint or not, this Camaro sat under some trees in the Colorado outdoors for 18 years and didn’t have a single proper bath. Sure, it got rained on, but as you know that makes a car dirty, not clean. The ones who rescued it decided the first thing they ought to do is give the Chevy a proper washing.

image credit: YouTube

It’s actually smart to wash a barn find-condition car like this when you first get it. The temptation is to keep all the dust and grim on it for that perfect patina effect, but the fact of the matter is different minerals in the soil have a corrosive effect on paint, chrome, and steel so it’s better to get that stuff off as soon as possible. Plus, once you clean up the car you can see exactly what kind of condition it’s in, giving you a better idea of what needs to be done.

The big question is with the car cleaned up so this guy can see its condition clearly, what should he do with it? Sure, he’s going to ultimately decide for himself, but what would you do with such a vehicle? Would you keep it entirely original, including the 307ci V8, which admittedly isn’t a super exciting engine, or would you drop in a 454 or something else that really gets the heart pumping?

image credit: YouTube

What about modern amenities? You have to admit, what was considered nice to have in a car back in the late 1960s is a far cry from what we feel we need to have in our cars today, especially when it comes to comfort items and entertainment features. Or do you want to live entirely like it’s 1969?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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