What did 2003 think of the Plymouth Road Runner?

Mopar is an automotive group that has made a name for over 84 years as the nation's producer of the highest horsepower muscle cars ever to hit the American market. This ridiculously iconic brand was dedicated solely to increased horsepower, fun, and remarkable style. There was no place on earth that these cars were more comfortable in than the drag strip in the late 1960s, and with no one in their way, Mopar set out to be the best with an extraordinary selection of cars. These cars would set a precedence for lots of horsepower and absolutely no extra options outside of the engine.

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The front runner of this Mopar muscle car revolution was the Plymouth Roadrunner which was the first car of its kind to truly embrace the idea of giving buyers as much power as possible for under $3000. This was an incredible feat because other vehicles of similar speed were way too expensive for many automotive enthusiasts to afford. Under the hood of this particular vehicle is an insane 440 ci V8 which was the most viable engine option deemed the king of Mopar big-blocks. Without much competition, this car was able to continue to provide a ton of fun to customers around the nation at a super low price range for years to come.

These cars were equipped with a four-speed manual transmission and a fiberglass hood which was meant to help keep the cost of production extremely low. It also helps that the hood option looks incredible and allows the massive engine to suck in more than enough air to feed all of the driver's horsepower needs. These insane vehicles were made with the incredibly American idea of making a ridiculous amount of power for a super low price.

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