Dodge Viper Meets Hellcat Engine

Mar 13, 2024 1 min read
Dodge Viper Meets Hellcat Engine

Eat your heart out, Viper purists!

As if the Dodge Viper wasn't crazy enough with its V10 engine and propensity for causing crashes, a recent development in the Dodge Viper timeline has heads turning everywhere. no, they haven't decided to reinstate the production of the Dodge Viper, nor have any of the newer models started spontaneously combusting into flames. Rather, somebody took the cheapest Dodge Viper he could find and gave it an engine you might know pretty well. This is the tale of the Hellcat Viper.

During its production, the Dodge Viper was already known as a pretty unsafe car, which had a lot to do with the fact that it had massive amounts of power in a tiny chassis. Essentially, drivers couldn't really handle the V10 under the hood and a lot of these vehicles got crashed almost immediately. so, that dude in blue decided that he'd fix the problem once and for all by taking the V10 out and putting a Hellcat engine in it. oh yes, the beautiful 6.2-liter Supercharged V8 engine, a Powerhouse that manages to crank out almost twice the horsepower despite having two fewer cylinders.

Without a doubt, this resulted in a pretty crazy automobile but it was far more than only 707 horsepower swapped into some old clunker. In fact, that engine is producing around 1,000 horsepower which is pretty insane, and probably unusable in such a tiny vehicle. Nevertheless, this 2001 Dodge Viper has now been made instantly way cooler by merely featuring one of the modern-day performance manufacturers' greatest engines. The big question here is, would you take a spin on it?

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