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Floyd Mayweather Shows Off Part Of His Car Collection On Social Media

By Jeffrey N. Ross Oct 04, 2019
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By Jeffrey N. Ross Oct 04, 2019
The former boxer continues to stay in the lime light thanks to his high-end cars.

Athletes and celebrities are known to flaunt their collection of vehicles, but retired boxing champion Floyd Mayweather, Jr. takes this to the next level. Mayweather, who gave himself the nickname "Money," definitely isn't shy when it comes to showing off his wealth, and that includes his recent post on social media revealing 10 high-end cars worth at least $2 million.

The post on Twitter and Instagram, which Mayweather likens to "an indoor dealership with a few light toys," shows off just a portion of his collection. The all-black grouping is dominated by Rolls-Royces including the brand's most dominating vehicle, the massive Cullinan SUV. All Rolls-Royce vehicles are much larger in person than they appear in pictures, and this is obvious with the Cullinan parked next to a Bentley Mulsanne, which itself is a quite sizeable car.


Give or take, the five Rolls-Royce vehicles (Cullinan, Wraith, Phantom, Phantom Drophead Coupe and Dawn) are worth well over $1 million combined, and then there are still five more cars in the picture. The Bentley Mulsanne and Ferrari 488 are other cars that top the $300,000 mark when new, and while it's hard to tell the age of these cars, based on new prices, the "cheapest" car shown in this image is the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class, that starts around $170,000.

It is estimated that Mayweather's car collection totals close to 100 vehicles, and some of his other vehicles include Bugattis, McLarens, Lamborghinis and more.  It isn't hard to see how he amassed such a collection, though, as the undefeated boxer reportedly never made under $25 million for his bouts, and his last fight – against UFC champion Conor McGregor – earned him a guaranteed $100 million with some reports indicating he took him closer to the $300 million from the 10-round fight that ended in a TKO.

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