Tom Uncovers A Montana Barn Find Treasure Trove

Oct 4, 2019 2 min read
Tom Uncovers A Montana Barn Find Treasure Trove

One man and his love of just about any car creates to an amazing collection.

Tom Cotter head to Big Sky Country as he travels through the state of Montana in search of interesting cars in yet another episode of Barn Find Hunter. It’s great scenery in an around Bozeman, Montana as the show moves into the western United States yet again. This episode is a real treat for a few reasons.

If you watch the above video, the first place in Bozeman Tom stops at is just a treasure trove for cool cars. The guy has a big assortment of vehicles scattered about his property. While you might suspect they’d all be from the Big Three, it’s actually a far more eclectic array of models, including BMWs, Jaguars, Hondas, and Chevrolets. As the guy says, “I’ve never met a car I didn’t like.”

There are simply too many cars for Tom to even profile all of the most interesting on the episode. This guy in Montana obviously has good taste and needs more resources to restore and properly take care of all these vehicles, which sadly probably won’t ever happen. He talks about some of the cars as if they are dear friends, so don’t expect him to be open to selling them, either.

While it isn’t a car, perhaps the most amazing thing about this guy is the locomotive he’s building to ride from his shop to his house. He had a friend help him with parts, but he’s cast the wheels himself, which are small. The tracks will only be about a foot apart, but this guy has a real love of literally everything with wheels.

Stashed away in this man’s shop are even more cars, because why not? The one that really knocks Tom’s socks off is a Stanley Steamer. If you don’t know these, just as the name implies they’re steam-powered cars. Stanley set the world record for the fastest mile driven in a car using the Steamer at just over 28 seconds back in 1906. As Tom properly ascertains, it’s a vehicle even Jay Leno would be impressed to see.

This is one of those episodes you just have to watch to fully appreciate, thanks to the wide range of classic cars scattered throughout.

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