1973 Trans Am Restomod Rips Through The Streets Of L.A.

Aug 5, 2023 2 min read
1973 Trans Am Restomod Rips Through The Streets Of L.A.

This insane car has been made to fit into the modern world of show stopping muscle cars and is now ready to strut its stuff on a larger stage.

The second-generation Pontiac Firebird is one of America's favorite pony cars as it combines the power and performance that Pontiac was known for and the classic style of the 1970s. Of these beautiful machines, the Trans Am package is one of the most iconic appearances and performance packages in GM history. With an instantly recognizable name and good looks to match, these insane vehicles built an image for themselves as a rugged pioneer of American power that could take abuse from every direction and still beat the hell out of the competition in everything from drag racing to dirt track trials. This has led to the Trans Ams gaining a massive following which has since evolved with the ever-growing trend of resto-modding.

Check out a rare Trans Am here.

This car is the perfect example of that as it combines all of the great power gifted by a modern GM powerhouse with the vintage design of a 1973 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. Under the hood of this historic beast is a 5.7-liter LS6 V8 engine which is pushing out an incredible 425 horsepower. That power is sent directly through an efficient Tremec six-speed manual transmission which makes driving this automotive masterpiece extremely fun for any car enthusiast.

Handling this car is lovely; long gone are the days of muscle cars driving like gigantic land boats. This vehicle has a full Ride Tech suspension on all four corners, which means that controlling this car through tight turns and sharp corners is a breeze. Stopping power is provided by a set of Baer brakes, and the tastefully handcrafted blue leather interior keeps the driver stable and comfortable at all times. Of course, this all comes wrapped in a beautiful black package with an electrifying blue stripe that runs through the center of this car's roof and hood. That insane color combination is displayed throughout the entire car and makes this a car to be remembered for decades to come.

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