1972 Chevy C10 Is An Autocrossing Champion

Nov 30, 2022 1 min read
1972 Chevy C10 Is An Autocrossing Champion

Who could have thought a truck could be this agile.

GM has been in the business of making incredibly fast performance cars for a really long time. You might think of something like the Pontiac Firebird, Chevy Camaro, or the Corvette. However in recent times one classic automobile has become extremely popular for everything from engine swapping to clutch dropping, the C10. A humble truck from the factory can be turned into a tire shredding beast of a vehicle Pretty easily but this builder decided to take his project to the limit.

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On the outside you’ll notice that the truck sits super low to the ground with a sleek black paint job covering its body. This, along with the lightweight but sturdy wheels give the truck a very dominant appearance on the road. Likely, a vehicle like this would be the perfect weapon of choice for any sort of drag racing, drifting or road racing event. Of course, none of that would be possible without a great engine and transmission combination under the hood.

Spinning the back tires of this incredibly sturdy truck is a LS three, 6.2 L V8 engine, with a lot of work done to it. Mated to that motor is a strongly built 6-speed tremec manual transmission. This drive train allows for great control and about 570 wheel horsepower contrasting the 508 pound feet of torque at the tire. Overall this is an incredible truck, built for auto crossing and road racing events, and the guys who made it obviously knew what they were doing. The only question left is, who will have the guts to try and challenge this C10?

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