1971 Cuda Gets The Hellcat Treatment

Apr 6, 2021 2 min read
1971 Cuda Gets The Hellcat Treatment

Is this the best of both worlds?

The Plymouth ‘Cuda is widely recognized amongst the car community as the most valuable and extraordinary muscle car ever made. Everything from the engine to the styling screamed performance, and the car quickly made a name for itself as America’s most beloved muscle car. Due to the extremely apparent similarities in style, the ‘Cuda and Challengers of the time are often associated with one another, this likeness created an idea that would produce one of the coolest cars ever built. The car we're referring to is this beautiful Hellcat swapped ‘Cuda, and we're not just talking about the engine.

Check out a rare Plymouth Cuda barn find here.

Everything from the power plant to the interior has been swapped with no expense spared, because of that this pony car has been converted from old to new. Unfortunately due to the current owner’s refusal to drive the car for almost two months, the car’s battery was dead and unable to start. Although we couldn't hear it, we can imagine how that stunning 6.2-liter supercharged Hemi screams and growls down the road at high speeds. To the rear of the car, we find a set of louvers that are held on by pins, such is also the case with the hood.

On the inside of this powerful pony car, we find a full leather interior, Hellcat seats, and a trunk that has been completely refurbished with black leather. The steering wheel is also adjustable, a welcome replacement of the old clunky wheel. Another addition to the car's high-tech profile is that of a backup camera which provides video directly to the rear view mirror which also serves as a screen.

Upon inspection of the car, it may bring back memories of the +700 horsepower ‘Cuda that Kevin Hart crashed but the guy who built it states that his car is better because Kevin was driving a 1970 'Cuda. Because the ‘Cuda we see today is 1971 it has many features that the 1970 model did not. This is an incredibly cool car either way and is a stunning testament to the Mopar name.

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