Sports Broadcaster Has His 1970 Chevelle Stolen

Jul 29, 2022 2 min read
Sports Broadcaster Has His 1970 Chevelle Stolen

Keep your eyes peeled for this ride…

If you’ve been following us since before the pandemic even started, you know we’ve been focused on the upswing in car thefts. Our concern is that readers take every measure they reasonably can to secure their rides because at this point, nobody is entirely safe from this crime trend. It has even affected a sports broadcaster who covers the Detroit Lions, his 1970 Chevelle SS now a goner. Even more shocking, the classic muscle car was sitting in his home garage when it all went down.

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The broadcaster in question, Craig Monroe, a former player for the Tigers. The man lives in Troy, Michigan or a suburb of Detroit. Car theft is Detroit is truly something else, spilling to the area just like in Chicago and many other urban areas.

We have zero details about how this vehicle was taken from the garage, but sadly we also know for a determined and knowledgeable thieve a garage door opener is no impediment. If you have a valuable ride in your garage, you might want to physically lock the track every night before you lock everything down. That might sound paranoid but it could be the difference between keeping your beloved car or waking up in the morning to find your garage is empty.

As you can see from the photos which have been circulated on social media, Monroe’s Chevelle SS has a silver paint job, white stripes, and some nice chrome five-spoke wheels. The interior has white leather upholstery, so this is a fairly distinct ride. Please be on the lookout, even if you’re not in the Detroit area. A lot of times thieves will drive their acquisitions to other regions, looking to pawn them off on someone unsuspecting.

Source: Click On Detroit

Photos via Facebook

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